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We have asked our exhibitors and partners why they exhibit and here are some of our findings.


In 2019, more than 500 exhibitors participated. Obviously, these exhibitors had a variety of intentions for their participation. We have divided their answers into 5 different categories:


  • Increased sales by inviting existing and new customers to the booth.
  • Increase sales by meeting new customers.
  • Network with others in same industry.
  • Get an overview of the competition.
  • Build network with customers and competitors.


  • Show your brand’s capabilities.
  • Show that you are an important player on the field.
  • Add to the reputation for the industry by displaying your best products or productions.
  • Show your company, the people and the products that makes up the brand.
  • Position yourselves in relation to competitors.


  • Build pride for the employees by displaying their work at Bygg Reis Deg.
  • Build team spirit in the company by displaying at Bygg Reis Deg to show who you are.
  • Increase employee competency by participating in conferences and seminars.
  • Stay updated on developments within your industry.
  • Get even more motivated employees because they get to attend the most important meeting place where they can get more understanding, ability and network.


  • Test new products.
  • Amplifying other campaigns by the presence at Bygg Reis Deg.
  • Launch new products and product lines.
  • Launch new services.
  • Get attention on the launches via Bygg Reis Deg PR activities on own booth.


  • Invite employees to Bygg Reis Deg events.
  • Invite customers and prospects to Bygg Reis Deg events.

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