PHOTO AF Gruppen


The Norwegian Site meeting is a national arena for players within architecture, design, construction, builders, trade and consultancies. Together we are building reputation and pride for the Norwegian construction industry.

To develop and build tomorrow’s Norway we are inviting to a national construction meeting. The customer of tomorrow is demanding smart and sustainable solutions. Everyone attending the Norwegian Construction Meeting will be more enabled to meet the demands of future construction.

We are aiming for the Norwegian Construction Meeting to add value with improved environmental footprint. This increases our ability to compete and gives better revenue flow for those who are innovative.


Construction plays an important role both in Norway and globally for the streams in revenue, environment and societies. Direct or indirect, the construction industry touches every life and every other industry. All value creation is related to a house, a building and infrastructure.

With increased urbanisation, the enterprise is more in the prime spot than ever. Compared to other industries, construction has been slow followers of the digital shift. Given the size of the industry, even small improvements has big impact on society.

Welcome to the Norwegian Construction Meeting!

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