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Bygg Reis Deg AS is owned by Bygningsartikel-Grossisternes Forening and Byggevareindustriens Forening


Chair of the Board
CEO Carl Otto Løvenskiold, Løvenskiold-Vækerø AS

Members of the Board
Director Jøns Sjøgren, Byggevareindustriens Forening
Category Director Janicke Cecile Mathisen, Optimera AS
CEO Håkan Magnusson, BMI Group Norge
Director Weber Kristin Røed Eriksen, Saint-Gobain Norge
Director of Marketing Camilla Bottolfs, Optimera AS

Deputy members of the Board
Director of Marketing, Eirik Grønlie, Løvenskiold Handel AS
Sales Director Jan Erik Engebretsen, Jackon AS


The first Bygg Reis Deg fair was arranged at Festningsplassen, Akershus Festning in 1954.

Bygningsartikel-Grossisternes Forening in Oslo took the initiative for the first fair arranged. Norway Trade Fairs was already then technical arranger and this was the beginning of a long standing co-operation between Norges Varemesse, Bygningsartikel-Grossisternes Forening in Oslo and later also Norske Byggevareprodusenters Forening.

The first exhibition saw 60.000 visitors and 221 exhibitors. At this time the construction activity was immense in the post-war decade.

The intention was originally to address professional builders and craftsmen. The target was to give these an overview of the entire enterprise and at the same time show the public what was available and possible. Meanwhile, it was also clear that the fair saw a lot of interest also for the man on the street as construction touches every life and every society.

“Bygg – reis deg” was the slogan for the exhibition, and with this came to be the slogan for the Norwegian construction industry right up to our time.

There are more similarities than differences between then and now, even though how we build has changed a lot and the market in everlasting change. The need for sharing knowledge is still present.

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